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Forum Behavior

Posted: Sun Jul 05, 2015 4:57 am
by admin
Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated!
That is the golden rule for Bee's forums.
We will not argue, discuss or negotiate this.
This site is to be a place where ANYONE from the family can come and visit with Bee, Bee's staff and developers.
Anyone, means anyone. Young, old, very young, etc.
This means that language must be appropriate for all ages. Talks and discussions must be for all ages.
If there is a need to have a more adult age related topics if deemed necessary, one will be provided and password protected.

Bee the dog was created with the intent that she would be suitable for all ages.
If you disagree with anything on this site, your opinion is valued, but only if it is discussed appropriately.

The moderators, administrators and staff at their discretion will terminate any account that is deemed inappropriate.
Termination can be without warning and without any reimbursement of funds if access is on a payment arrangement.

We hope that everyone enjoys Bee, her game and her forums!