Game System Requirements

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Game System Requirements

Postby admin » Sun Jul 05, 2015 6:06 am

Bee the dog is a high end game that requires some horsepower to play.
It is written for a 64bit OS and currently published for Microsoft Windows (tm) No affiliation, see for information regarding their operating system.
A high end processor and 8G of memory seems to be the best minimal game requirements.
Game play is easiest with a (*) USB Xbox controller for pc, though the game can be played with a keyboard and mouse.

As we progress with the game, we will narrow down these minimal requirements.
As well, as we progress with the game, we will try to reduce these requirements by reducing game size and optimizing game inventory.

* Windows and Xbox are trademarks of Microsoft. Microsoft trademarks and copyright notifications can be found on
There is no affiliation between this game, this site, and the Microsoft corporation.


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